Jaka Berger Brgs-In_Dependences

In_Dependences (40'00'')

Jaka Berger Brgs

Start: 01/05 12:15 UTC+1

Zalog clasification yard, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jaka Berger Brgs: In_Dependences, (40min)
Zalog clasification yard, Ljubljana
In_Dependences is a dialogue with the environment. I want to raise awareness of our dependence on the environment and the fact that as humanity we move away from nature, trying to become independent of it. It’s not that we are very successful at it because each new attempt it’s just another abuse of its resources. These motifs lead to the selection of locations which are heavily populated by human sound pollution. With their presence alone, humans produce tons of noise, and I will respond to the sound at the location accordingly. I am very fascinated by sound illusions, and with my intervention, I want to create illusions that mislead a listener and make them wonder whether what they hear is the sound of the environment or the instrument. In addition, I want to keep my intervention at minimum so that a non-attentive listener would not even perceive it, while at the same time musical and incorporated in the sound image, carrying within the dramaturgy and approach used by musician when composing a piece of music.
Jaka Berger Brgs is one of the most active, creative and versatile drummers, composers and improvisers on the Slovenian music scene in the last fifteen years.