Colin Black-Morning Is Broken

Morning Is Broken (20’00”)

Colin Black

Start: 01/05 21:50 UTC+1

The Revolution Monument, Republic Square, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Colin Black: Morning Is Broken (20’00”)
The Revolution Monument, Republic Square, Ljubljana
Morning Is Broken explores the impact of sounds of things breaking, drastic deconstructions of Cat Stevens’ Morning Has Broken melody (inverted, retrograde, augmented, etc.) with various recordings – and live audio streams – of the dawn chorus that are interrupted and interrupt each other. The idea is that we all like to believe that the morning represents a new fresh positive start to the day, the beginning of what is expected to be a cohesive whole experience, but what this work brings focus to is that sometimes mornings can also be broken, the same as life, one way or another, breaks up all around us.
Dr Colin Black is an acclaimed composer and sound and radio artist who won gold in the sound art category at the 2015 New York Festivals Awards and the 2003 Prix Italia Award. Black has received multiple commissions to create major works for installation, performance and broadcast across Australia, the USA and Europe.