Blanc Sceol

Surge Cooperative

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River-land Listening

Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell & Hannah White)

Start: 01/05 14:00 UTC+1

Channelsea River, Newham

A live streamed silent sound walk around Channelsea island at low tide with a group of Newham artists, followed by a round table discussion.
‘River-land Listening’ will provide a space for low-tide contemplation of the Channelsea River, a hinterland waterway in Stratford, London. We’ve invited a group of Newham artist who work with sound to walk the river bed at low tide, exploring the particular sonic narratives and topography of this inter-tidal zone, each live streaming their experience and leaving ephemeral footprints. These sound rivulets will be brought together into one flow, a live mix of the multi-streams alongside audio from hydrophone, geophone and omnidirectional mics.  

The experience of walking below the water line, the slight tension created by being on land that will soon disappear under water, the slow walking caused by the physical restrictions of the mud, will create a precarious and intricate assembly of sounds. The multi-layered perspective will relocate us within the cycles, flow and rhythms of the river and it’s non-human systems. 

The Channelsea river in Newham has a meandering past of industry and contamination and yet sustains a quiet backwater flow for many life forms, revealing it’s secrets to those willing to explore. It’s been culveted and infilled, it’s flow now coming to an end just past Channelsea Island.  

This piece is in association with Surge Cooperative, and part of a series of local engagement activities we’ve been building around the Channelsea river and Channelsea Island, proposing common actions with those connected to the river or local to the area, and encouraging collective efforts to protect and celebrate its rich natural heritage.

Invited artists are Adam Kinsey, Charlotte Wendy Law, Dave Webb, Lara Band, Meg Bisineer, Mia Kukathasan, Rhiannon Armstrong, Robbie Judkins, Shona Handley