-Shakuhachi x River Lea

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Shakuhachi x River Lea

Laonikos Psimikakis Chalkokondylis

Start: 01/05 05:30 UTC+1

River Lea, Hackney Marshes, East London

A short improvisation on shakuhachi and electronics together with the non-human passers-by of this landscape.
Laonikos is a shakuhachi player and wilderness guide based in London. In this livestream, he will improvise on the shakuhachi and live electronics, enveloped in the soundscape of the land surrounding River Lea between the Leyton and Hackney Marshes, in East London.

Shakuhachi music is not defined by consistency of pitch and rhythm, but by blending the musical and the non-musical, inviting the sounds of the breath and imperfections in the construction of the instrument into its aesthetic. By letting those sounds in, we open up possibilities for listening to the world around us in different ways, and embracing that which we cannot control but can only witness.

Photo credits: Sean Kelly (July 2020)

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