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Acoustic fragments : Sonic representations of ruined houses in the city of Florina, Greece.

Giwrgos Tselios Rafaela Deligianni Giwrgos Kalogiannis Nikoletta Stratigi Nikitas Petridis Tasos Kuriakou Giwrgos Toulios Marina Gkioka Vasiliki Katsouli Aikaterini Makri Andromachi Vrakatseli

Start: 01/05 11:00 UTC+1


Soundscapes are created in the context of the sound design in audiovisual applications course in Department of Applied and Fine Arts,University of Western Macedonia, Greece
The city of Florina in northern Greece used to be a living and picturesque community as someone can understand this form the architecture of the buildings across the area. Walking in the streets of Florina you can feel an abandoned and ghost atmosphere created by the ruined houses and mansions. The students of Department of Applied and Fine Arts of University of Western Macedonia found and photographed textures of wear in this houses that show the desolation, the cracks, the fragments, the worn color and made a sonic interpretation of them. These textures acted as the graphic notations in the soundscape compositions you are listened to.