Start: 01/05 07:00 UTC+1


FRIDGES & STREETS, A life podast dedicated to the humming sound of the refrigerator
It's all about time.

A fridge is timeless.

 It hums always the same as it could have hummed yesterday or will hum tomorrow.
 Walking around in a city I encounter many different things going on.

A street is defined by time. 

Birds are singing, or it is raining, a car or pedestrian is passing, someone is playing music, a house is being demolished ... things rarely happen twice.

Fridges is listening to the interior, streets to the exterior.

About the project

A ( city ) map is divided in 16 equal squares. In each of them  I made a 1 minute recording of the sound of a refrigerator. Also a 1 minute sound-picture was made in the front of the house where the refrigerator was recorded.

FRIDGES & STREETS became once an installation at the university of Gent as part of a lecture i gave about how sounds interact with time in a city.

The combination of the sounds by coincidence where determined  by the monotone humming of the refrigerators as a drone and the sound images of the streets as snapshots of a moment in time.
 Also  answering machines were added. People were asked to call one of them and tell what they had in their fridge and what they saw in their street.

 A promotion campaign by the shortwave world radio of Flanders helped to receive phone calls from whole the world

This stream is made with the recordings from this event. A live mix is self-generating by a random playout 24/7