Charlie Fox with InspiralLondon Associate Artists-InspiralLondon Collective Pitcher Walk Stream

Sarah Sparkes & Ian Thompson-Earley Chorus, Reading

Grant Smith-Camberwell, London

Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F Kerr-Thamesmead Wild Chorus

Reveil 9 - InspiralLondon Collective Pitcher Walk archive

Reveil 9 InspiralLondon Collective Pitcher Walk

InspiralLondon Associate Artists

Start: 30/04 10:30 UTC+1

London – Peckham Rye, North Southwark, Barking, Thamesmead & Reading (UK)

Reveil 9 InspiralLondon Pitcher Collective Walk Workshop: A walking collective livestreaming that calls us to listen to, and read the city, in different ways; in taking care and note of urban ecology through lost or hidden bandwidths. info Inspiral Event Page - ticket to join walk HERE
Join our Reveil 9 InspiralLondon Pitcher Walk – a collaborative walk streaming from the Thames Valley Basin (UK), traversing North Southwark from 10.30 am to arrive at Stave Hill Ecology Centre around 12.30pm for a welcome lunch provided by Leon.

We meet at Peckham Rye Station at 10.30 am to walk & share InspiralLondon streaming – exploring through unexpected soundscapes, some of the lost or hidden ecological infrastructure found across North Southwark – as we move toward Reveil 9 base: along the lost waterways of Surrey Quays Canal, up to Glengall Road (to cross the Old Kent Road) to marvel at the 'Beautification' plane trees, then towards Millwall Football ground and the new greenway to Southwark Park, reaching Stave Hill around 12.30pm. 

The walk is interlaced with other Thames Valley livestreams that call us to listen to, and read the city in different ways; in taking care and note of urban ecology through lost or hidden bandwidths. We will also be sharing brief thoughts on another anthropomorphism, vitality (entelechy), repaired ecosystems and vital materiality suggested by the 14th Century handbook for musicians in the Great Treatise on Supreme Sound:

‘To listen and mimic ‘an emaciated crow perched on a bare tree or pecking in the snow in the hope of finding something to eat… & with the lute a floating sound as a white butterfly fluttering at flower level, lingers but does not stay.’

Will we hear the watery singing of the poplar tree, the sound of the quivering aspen emanating from covered drainage culverts, or the promise of invertebrate life proliferating amongst the tarmac? What is the relationship of our ‘on the ground mapping’ as walkers with ‘on the ground listening’; to auraldiversities; to the otherness that oozes from the acoustic and watery commons. 

With Charlie Fox, Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara, Sarah Sparkes, Ian Thompson, Keith Turpin, Anne Robinson and other InspiralLondon Associate Artists.
Tickets to join the walk can be booked HERE

Start: 30/04 10.30 UTC+1 until 12.30 UTC+1 - for full REVEIL Platform starting at 5am 30th April broadcasting for 24+1 hours

Various Locations: London – Peckham Rye, North Southwark, Barking, Thamesmead & Reading (UK).
Focus 1. 
Earley Chorus (Sarah Sparkes and Ian Thompson) will bivouac in what remains of the ancient Forest of Earley – a precious strip of woodland lost in the depths of Reading suburbia next to a meandering stream that flows into the Thames via the river Loddon.

Focus 2.
Camberwell (Grant Smith) Everyday sounds from a back yard in Loughborough Junction, South London. A small patch of trees and vegetation surrounded by gardens, buildings, roads, train tracks, not far from Peckham and North Southwark. 

Potential Focus (soundcamp) on the outfall of Roding River, at Barking Creekside, by Becton Sewage Works.

Focus 3. 
Thamesmead Wild Chorus (part 2 – Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F Kerr).
Online from 24 March - 31 July 2022, tuning in day and night to hear ambient sound from the hidden nature reserve in Thamesmead, where a myriad of animals including birds such as jay, collared dove and heron as well as foxes, rodents (including shrews!) and squirrels reside. 
Thamesmead South is in Bexley and is the location of original social housing development built in the late 1960s to early 1970s. The buildings are made almost entirely of concrete, in a Cubist/Brutalist/Modernist style, and include a number of high-rise blocks. It is east of Harrow Manor Way (A2041) and south of the A2016.

Main Walk Stream - broadcasting 10.30am - 12.30pm (UTC+1) Sat. 30 April