Shortwave Collective-Open Wave-Receiver

Shortwave Collective: DIY radio building workshop

Shortwave Collective

Start: 30/04 18:30 UTC+1

Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhide, London

Make an 'open wave-receiver' with Shortwave Collective
London-based members of Shortwave Collective will run a workshop building DIY radios. In a session suitable for all ages and abilities, we will share these radio recipes, inviting participants to search for radio transmissions and experience the radio spectrum in new and surprising ways. The workshop will be the basis for a collaborative listening experiment, with performers and participants hooking up their radios to the Stave Hill mound at dusk.

Shortwave Collective is an international, feminist artist group established in May 2020, interested in the creative use of radio. We meet regularly to discuss feminist approaches to amatuer radio and the radio spectrum as artistic material, sharing resources, considering DIY approaches and inclusive structures. ‚Äč

Shortwave Collective are: Alyssa MoxleyBrigitte HartFranchesca CasauayGeorgia MuensterHannah Kemp-WelchKate DonovanLisa HallMaria PapadomanolakiSally Applin and Sasha Engelmann.