Good Morning World

Rachel Sale and Iva Yos

Start: 02/05 12:00 UTC+1

Totnes, UK / Philadelphia, US

Artists Rachel Sale (UK) and Iva Yos (US) meet in virtual space to greet the sun with words and pictures as it rises across the earth. 

Stretch 1
12:00 – 14:45 UTC+1

Stretch 2
20:30 – 23:15 UTC+1

Good Morning World was developed through many iterations and practice runs in collaboration with the Soundtent director, Grant Smith. Rachel Sale will respond to Soundtent's live audio of the dawn chorus through bold washes of colorful gradients layered with precise markings that mirror the notes of bird songs and other distinct noises as they arise. Iva Yos compiled a list of geographic features, political events, industry apparatuses, plant species, and other elements related to each source location of the broadcast. As the dawn chorus progresses, Iva will bid “good morning” to each element, in a psychedelic flattening of ontologies.