Blanc Sceol-Listening with skylarks

Listening with skylarks

Blanc Sceol

Start: 02/05 08:00 UTC+1

Wanstead Flats

Saturday 8am - 9am

A guided listening journey live streamed from Wanstead Flats, one of the last nesting places of the skylark in London.

Created by Blanc Sceol (artists Stephen Shiell and Hannah White).

Photo © Nick Croft (Wanstead birding)
'In the land of plenty the larks fall ready roasted.’ 
English proverb, 1670

An attempt at locating and relocating the song of the London skylark. A guided listening journey live streamed from Wanstead flats, one of the songbird's last nesting places in London. The live stream will lie open for the lark's song to emerge, amidst our words taking you on a phsychosonographic history of the skylark, all transmitting to, or being imagined by, whoever is listening. The lark, with it's distinctive escalating rhythmic song, has been met with reverence and want for thousands of years, at once the subject of poetry and caught in their thousands for the dinner table. In the song today we can still listen in common for contradictions, perhaps hearing something of ourselves; a tenacity and a slow decline, a coming and a going, an up and a down.

Blanc Sceol are sound makers, improvisers and deep listeners. Their work is ‘psychosonographic’ expressing our experience of place, with field recordings, self-created instruments, found objects, voice and text. They begin by listening to their environment, observing, making recordings, writing, often making their own instruments and sound objects with found materials. Their compositions and performances are living maps, anchored in what they find in a landscape but re-imagined into new territories, and attentive to the vibrational nature of materials and surroundings.

Blanc Sceol are also facilitating a Deep Listening workshop, Satrday 4.00 - 5.30 pm - MORE INFO HERE