PITCH - Make a Soundcamp Den

participants of the Sound Camp April School

Start: 02/05 10:00 UTC+1

at your house

Make a den for Soundcamp. Release the inner child and transform part of your domestic setting into a space for listening either as an individual or a household. 
zoom workshop link >

Instructions link > here

The aim of the listening den is to transform an area of the home or garden into a contemplative listening space. Rid the spaces of the usual associations to allow space for Soundcamp to enter. Using the furniture and objects from around your home construct a comfortable space for your body, allowing you to focus on the sounds of the festival. 

See the den making instruction manual for assistance. 

The workshop will be a collective zoom call where we can watch others making dens, get inspiration and join in. We will construct these dens through a series of listening and building tasks, collectively sharing our dens through the zoom videos. Write on the chat or use the camera to ask questions or suggest ideas to the den making group. 

Ideas from the den making workshops will be collected and taken forward to help inform the design of PITCH, a collective listening structure, for Soundcamp 2021.