School for Civic Action - Soundcamp April School-PITCH - Leaving a Trace

School for Civic Action - April School-PITCH - Leaving a Trace

PITCH - Leaving a Trace

participants of the Sound Camp April School

Start: 02/05 16:00 UTC+1

multiple global domestic locations - final streaming point

A networked performance by the soundcamp April school participants exploring and performing the acoustic properties of domestic space

PITCH will be a mobile listening structure that is designed for soundcamp 2021. The soundcamp April School facilitated by the School for Civic Action* brought together around 30 acoustic and spatial practitioners to collectively develop acoustic and spatial ideas for PITCH driven by their unique domestic situations in response to CV-19.

'Leaving a Trace' is a live networked performance which culminates a segment of this process. The piece explores the acoustic properties of multiple domestic spaces whilst resourcefully grappling with the equipment, communicative and spatial limitation due to lockdown. The piece is facilitated via the locus sonus sound map. Each participant will live stream the same piece performed within their own environment which will then be collected and overlaid to create a unique piece with traces of the collective within it. In reference to the acoustic commons the soundscape here is a collective resource managed and negotiated via a decentralised network of individuals and groups.

Tom Dobson
Hester Buck
Michael Speers

Beth Gorman
Sabrina Morreale
Nong Hua Lim
Georgia Muenster
Cameron Bray
Thea Gordon-Rawlings
Rhiannon Hunter
Simon Duck
Sara Bowler
Chris Wood
Aiden Delaney
Max Baraitser Smith
Sofia Mazzuco
Sofia Caccamo
Hannah Kemp-Welch
Lisa Hall

*School for Civic Action
The School for Civic Action is a pedagogical experiment that tests alternative modes of knowledge transfer at work in grass roots city making, challenging traditional urban development processes. The School for Civic Action manoeuvres across disciplines that complement one another, implementing new ways of knowing and acting. Teaching and learning at the School for Civic Action is symbiotic; by situating the curriculum within live projects, it can mutually provide a support structure back to the local communities, the sites they occupy and for the individuals taking part.