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Live stream: norwich_recast_music_education.ogg

Denbigh Road, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Recast Music Education

Latitude: +52.6282°
Longitude: +1.27297°

This stream is the first mic in a series for the 'HomeSounds' project created by Recast Music Education.
The HomeSounds project invites Looked After Children and vulnerable young people across the county of Norfolk, UK to get involved in Field Recording with the aim of supporting and encouraging well-being. The project has the following aims;

1. To provide the opportunity for young people to explore Field Recording and in the process understand and appreciate the sounds of their environment. The influence of sound on well-being is well known and through this project both young people and the caring communities around them can explore the impact of their local sound worlds. In a predominantly rural county such as Norfolk this ranges from a rich palette of wildlife and natural sound to the mad-made sound of small towns and Norfolk's only city, Norwich.

2. Through the LocusSonus SoundMap, the project enables a connection between people that may never meet but that share so much. It offers the opportunity for a young person to maintain an open relationship, through sound, with one or more locations that are important in their lives. It also offers a richer emotional connection to a place and area, which has the potential to provide a more profound sense of stability and security. 

3. The connections made through HomesSounds activities enable Recast Music Education to build strong links with care providers across the county. These connections will help us to develop and deliver Recast Independent Music Advocacy, an innovative, research-led programme of musical advocacy for Looked After Children being developed by Recast Music Education with support from University College London: Institute of Education.

The mic for this stream is an FEL EM172 Stereo Microphone streaming through a Raspberry Pi. The mic is mounted to a backgarden shed which overlooks two rows of terraced housing lined back to back. 6ft in front of the mic is a Bird Feeder.