Miller Beach, Gary, Indiana USA
UTC -5

civil twilight





gary - gmo_dunes1

Gregory O'Drobinak

Latitude: +41.6183251°
Longitude: -87.2606361°

Wonderful sounds of avian species and wild bees at the west end of the Dunes National Lakeshore from Singing Sands Studio.
This is a high quality stream hosted by Singing Sands Studio in Miller Beach, which is in the far northeastern suburb of Gary Indiana. This area is approximately three miles east of the start of the Dunes National Lakeshore, a unique ecosystem at the southern tip of Lake Michigan. This area is rich in wildlife that includes a huge variety of avian species (including neotropical birds), frogs, toads and wild bees. While it is unlikely that one would hear the sounds of beavers at this location, it is often surprising what one may hear from moment to moment.  Coyotes, foxes, deer, and wild bees are now quite likely to be speakers, as well as the myriad of bird species at this time of year.   This stream is being transduced via a pair of Shure boundary microphones, about six feet apart, at the intersection of the north wall of the studio and the ground, facing north. They are amplified via a Fostex digital mixer and streamed online via a Raspberry Pi model A , which is fitted with an audio cape employing a very high quality codec.   Headphones are highly recommended for listening to this stream. Feedback is welcome! Please send it to:      Thank You and enjoy listening!  Please check back at all times of the year as this area is very rich in sources that are very pleasant to the ear. Recording of this stream is encouraged for aesthetic and artistic purposes.