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Recording: Soundcamp 3 May 2014 (blackbird, blackcap) - Richard Beard

Stave Hill Ecological Park, Rotherhithe SE16 6AX, London, UK

SoundCamp with TCV

Latitude: +51.5017257°
Longitude: -0.0418781°

Inner city ecology park near the the Thames. Woodland and urban sounds along with those of the camp.
Stave Hill Ecological Park was created on infill into former docks from the late 1980s. Effectively co-produced by members of the Trust for Urban Ecology and organisms arriving with birds and on the wind, this is now a small but significant area of biodiversity adjoining the Russia Dock Woodland on the Rotherhithe Peninsula. 
A variety of sounds can be heard in Spring / early Summer, including residents and migrating birds (wrens, woodpigeons, blackbirds, song thrust, blackcaps, lesser whitethroats, dunnocks, robins, willow warblers, chiffchaff, magpies, crows and less common species).
The 5th editions of soundcamp is hosted again by TCV. Our US broadcast partner hosting the main feed for the Reveil broadcast is Wave Farm in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York. Our UK broadcast partner and sponsor is Resonance Radio. Both these stations have been part of the project from the outset. Thank you.

We are happy to acknowledge the support we have received from local funders (USTSC, NSET, TCV, Friends of Stave Hill and Southwark Local Authority) over 5 years. We are equally grateful to individual donors and to the many volunteers who make the event possible.

Please consider contributing to the lightweight framework that supports the network of soundcamps and the Reveil round the world broadcast.