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Mjóifjörður Islande, Nord West

Aurélia Frey & Emmanuel Faivre

Latitude: +65.8308908855403°
Longitude: -22.62911716927597°

Near a natural Hot Spot in a little fjord Nord West Island, Mjóifjörður, with Aurélia Frey, Author Photographer. We are in Road Trip, Le Murmure des Égarés, in Iceland. The Whisper of  Lost Souls.
Following a residency in Iceland (summer 2022) for Under the sea spell, a photographic ensemble and sound landscapes (made in Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and Iceland in the footsteps of Scandinavian poets and writers), we continue our work in the waters of Iceland, in Brittany on the land of Paimpol-Goëlo, and in La Rochelle, around a project we have named The Whisper of Lost Souls.
Our desire is to make a triptych between these three lands.

During our stay in Iceland, we were touched by the life of the "Icelanders", these fishermen who left Brittany to fish cod in the icy waters of Iceland and some of whom disembarked in the cod port of La Rochelle.

Inspired by the writings of Ian Manook, Jón Kalman Stefánsson and Pierre Loti, we will bring these lands into dialogue through landscapes, interiors, visual and sound archives. We will be attentive to the themes that touch us: solitude, silence, the fragility of things and beings. 
We would like to highlight these figures of the past, these fishermen subjected to exhausting working conditions, braving the cold, the rain, the snow, the furious assaults of the Icelandic sea which we know is rarely peaceful. Our desire is to remember these "Icelanders", many of whom never returned to their country. To make their voices heard, if only in a whisper... The Whisper of  Lost Souls.