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Live stream: suffolk_holbrook_creek.mp3

Recording: Holbrook Creek on a windy day (recorded 17/4/24) - Matt Shenton

Holbrook Creek, Suffolk, UK

Matt Shenton

Latitude: +51.96594383849216°
Longitude: +1.1709690820049135°

Matt Shenton will be broadcasting sounds from the northern bank of the tidal river Stour whilst sat upon a large, fallen tree.
Holbrook Creek is approximately five miles from Suffolk's county town of Ipswich and sits within the Suffolk Coast & Heath National Landscape (formerly called an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) who states that ‘[t]he landscape is predominantly ancient estate farmlands, with salt marshes and intertidal mudflats. The mudflats are an important winter feeding area for estuary birds, wild fowl and waders.’ 

The creek was once a working environment with a brickworks and a couple of jetties that transported agricultural goods from here to London and received London’s rubbish in return. The rubbish included horse muck which was spread on the fields, but also included broken pottery which can still be found on the surface of the fields even today. 

The brickworks and transportation links are long gone, but this tidal river is a haven for birds and enjoyed by visitors from the local villages. 

The broadcast equipment will be set up upon one of the many fallen trees that, thanks to coastal erosion, now haunt the shoreline.  From the tree I will be able to see across the river into Essex and hope to see the rising sun glinting off Grayson Perry's 'House for Essex'.

Possible bird sounds we could hear include curlew, oyster catcher, skylark and various woodland birds such as robin, pigeon and a variety of tits. 

I am currently investigating how and why the soundscape of the Holbrook (including the creek) has changed over time, and working with the community to decide what sounds we miss and what the village might sound like in the future - http://www.matthewshenton.co.uk/holbrook