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Live stream: mobilemic21

node9.lab Slaviky, Slavíky, Tman, Czech Republic

Michal Klodner, Miloš Vojtěchovský

Latitude: +49.91411149088406°
Longitude: +14.021571624655337°

Open mic at the of the off-grid laboratory in the forest near the hamlet Slavíky. Located about 5 KM from the highway, which is usually audible 24/7.
Open mic at the the Node9.lab Slaviky - an off-grid laboratory hidden in the forest west of Prague. 

The streambox and the streaming platform are provided kindly by aporee.org. and https://locusonus.org/

Livinglab is a research method and experimental/development environment and ecosystem. Livinglabs are places to overcome narrow scientific or engineering specialization and theoretical assumptions next to living ecosystems. For long-term processes as plant and animal communication, off-grid architecture and solar energy can extend scope and range of the research, reduce the travel to location and prolong the time in direct contact with nature by providing research infrastructure. Livinglab as natively multidisciplinary place brings also new methods, not possible by single research walks or in full-scale labs. Instead observation of subjects in artificial conditions there are characteristic features of co-creation, experiential learning, prototyping involving communities and inclusive social space. The warm and hospitable limestone area of the Czech karst is the most important karst area in Bohemia. It is a remarkable protected landscape area where you will see limestone rocks, light open deciduous woods and forest-steppes with flowering rocks and the canyon valley of Berounka River. Beginning to form in the Palaeozoic Sea 400-million years ago, it is also the largest karst area in Bohemia.


In the framework of http://sonicity.cz project, active since 2009, online portal focused on the sonic layers of Prague and its surounding.