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civil twilight





Live stream: kolkata_survey_park.mp3

Survey Park, Kolkata

Sukanta Majumdar

Latitude: +22.48660026855333°
Longitude: +88.39087725739873°

Sounds from a residential complex in south Kolkata 
This is a permanent steam from the balcony of a flat on the 3rd floor of a building inside a housing complex in the southern part of Kolkata, almost at the outskirts of the city. Though the city is growing fast and this part has become denser than it was 10 yrs back. Human activities are very much present in the stream- TV sounds from other flats, conversations in Bengali, making buildings, or other repair works, and sounds of various Hindu rituals which usually include blowing of the conch shells and ringing tiny bells, The ritual sounds are an inevitable part of every evening soundscape. A steady city hum in the backdrop is present. Insects and birds chirp in front of that backdrop. It is very hot and unbearably humid during this time of the year. The heat wave has already started this year. The temperature reaches 40 degree Celcius or more during the day and humidity could easily go more than 80% during the night. This extreme weather surely affects the soundscape even during the day break which is the most tolerable time of the day. The weather somehow numbs the senses. It changes the way we perceive sounds, physically and psychologically.