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Recording: The Schaubmar Mill, 2.5. 2021 - David Petráš & Jakub Juhás

The Schaubmar Mill in Pezinok, Slovakia

Dávid Petráš, Jakub Juhás

Latitude: +48.311373°
Longitude: +17.264437°

In the mill orchard👂
Schaubmar´s Mill is part of the Slovak National Gallery. It is the only preserved stream mill with functional mill technology in Slovakia. There is an exposition of milling industry and a gallery of fine arts dedicated primarily to modern and contemporary art and design. Part of the Schaubmar´s Mill area is an orchard that we are gradually revitalising and planning to open to public.

David Petráš (1994) is a sound artist and curator. He is particularly interested in the acoustic environment of border areas and peripheral parts of various cities in Slovakia. In his audiovisual work, he deals with topics related to the surviving wilderness in the urban environment and its inhabitants. He is a co-founder of the association and festival RUINY, which works with local legends and forgotten architecture in the Novohrad and Gemer regions (south of Slovakia).

Mappa is a music label founded by Jakub Juhás together with Zoltán Czakó at the end of 2015. We focus on the sound itself, whether it can reflect lived reality or create various utopian worlds against it, which are a guarantee of extraordinary adventures. It can be speculation about the forgotten sound environment of Gemer churches (Slovakia), dancing to the music of fictional marsh tribes, listening to personal torments from the Transcarpathian periphery, tuning in to the electromagnetic noise of California beaches, or uncovering the world through hyperrealistic sound ecology. Our aim is to create a fictional sound map, liquid cartography, a platform for surprising auditory wanderings.