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Live stream: eindhoven_in:out.ogg

Recording: in:out, Reveil 2021 - Valeria Fabiano

At the edges of Stratumse Heide, Leenderweg, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Valeria Fabiano

Latitude: +51.4175705°
Longitude: +5.4946072°

Valeria Fabiano is a researcher and designer. 
In her current practice, she combines an architectural background with a passion for the sonoric field. Using sound recordings, radio transmission and poetry, she engages spaces and their design through an acoustemological understanding challenging the notion of spatial definition as fixed, and embracing architecture beyond the physical matter.

In:Out is an ongoing project exploring the ephemeral, intangible, and invisible qualities of liminal spaces.
In:Out is researching those spaces situated at the edges, on the threshold of the system, and undergoing transformative processes. By trying to find ways and tools to experience, describe and narrate the liminality of such spaces, rather than fix them within a systematic reality and organised epistemology, the project evades the legal binary definition of inside/outside, inwards/outwards, internal/external, public/private. 

For the Reveil 2021, I decided to set up the stream from in:side a private backyard garden – situated at the edges of the neighbour public park Stratumse Heide, in the southern outskirt of Eindhoven – capturing out:side sonic events happening in the natural world beyond the fence. Expect loads of different birds, dog walkers steps, and probably the usual Dutch wind in the background. Only by listening, I will try to imagine with you what is happening just on the other side of this small confined private backyard.


Just a USB microphone stand connected to my iPhone, to capture the surrounding soundscape during the live stream.