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Ili Os-Icey Lake meets land

Naturpark Stechlin-Ruppiner Land, Brandenburg, Germany

Ili Os

Latitude: +53.102291°
Longitude: +13.046270°

 Through his artist residency in  Stechlin-Institut, Ili Os, currently part of Parallax Lab wants to raise awareness on the future health of Lake Stechlin, which is currently considered under threat. 

Ilias Mavromatis is a  musician and environmental scientist. These two disciplines are merged under the artist name Ili Os. Through music production, playing musical instruments, field recordings and environmental research, he contributes to the spread of a collective consciousness. Currently, Ili Os is specifically concerned with the acoustic form of social and aquatic ecology, which he merges in his artist residency in  Stechlin-Institut, with which they want to raise awareness on the future health of Lake Stechlin, part of the Natural Park Stechlin-Ruppiner Land, which is considered under threat. The stream might include simultaneous underwater sounds with a  hydrophone as well as surrounding soundscape.

The Stechlin-Institut is a resonance-space for people who are aware of the upcoming societal, so political, social, ecological change, stand up and not only oppose the resistance of revisionist forces with a new awareness of the living, but also artistically create ecological-resilient and sufficient living spaces.

Ili Os is currently an active part of the Parallax Lab, an open project space, with the aim of finding different media through which art and science can be connected in a material form. Parallax Lab is part of the Hybrid Platform, a cooperation between the TU and UDK Berlin.