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Live stream: mobile_gradina_cismigiu_bucharest.ogg

Cișmigiu Garden, Bucharest, Romania

Anamaria Pravicencu, SEMI SILENT

Latitude: +44.43730309507783°
Longitude: +26.089697691726684°

Live streaming for Dawn Chorus Day from the Cișmigiu Garden in the center of Bucharest. 
Situated in the heart of the city, Grădina Cișmigiu (Cișmigiu Garden) is the oldest public garden of Bucharest (built in the first half of the 19th century), with a surface of 16ha, mixing local and exotic vegetation. 30.000 trees were brought from the Romanian mountains and the exotic plants were imported from the Vienna's Botanical Garden. The swamp in the middle was transformed into an artificial lake crossed by two decorative bridges. The initial design was made by the German landscape architect Carl Meyer, living in Bucharest at the time. Later, it was modified by different landscapers, but the main frame was kept intact. 

Over a year, in the park are 55 species of birds and their total number can attend hundreds of thousands.

Anamaria Pravicencu organized sound related events in Cișmigiu Garden since 2016, together with the Week of Sound, www.saptamanasunetului.ro, around questions as the quality of the sonic environment and the health of the hearing, and with Cișmigiu Civic Initiative Group, www.gradinacuoameni.ro, about the quality of the sonic environment in the form of a sound map (400 measurements, ~200 recordings), sound walks and sound workshops, petitions, informative programs online and offline.

Anamaria Pravicencu is an active member of CENSE - Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies, www.cense.earth. In the framework of Reveil, CENSE is organizing a 90 minutes broadcast in the morning of 2nd of May 2021 for Radio Vltava from Prague.

Anamaria Pravicencu is a sound artist and the curator of www.semisilent.ro portfolio.