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Live stream: brussels_north.mp3

Recording: CDA_Birds - Caroline Claus

Antwerpsesteenweg-Noord, Brussels

Caroline Claus

Latitude: +50.8659835°
Longitude: +4.35806378320645°

Caroline Claus, Antwerpsesteenweg-Noord, Brussels
Antwerpsesteenweg-Noord is located in the Northern Quarter of Brussels, Belgium. The district is part of Brussels’ northern extension which also includes the site of Thurn and Taxis, and a larger area stretching along the Brussels–Scheldt Maritime Canal (commonly called Willebroek Canal) to the southwest of the village of Haren. 

The Northern Quarter is characterized by the high-rise buildings from the central business district of Brussels, Belgium. The development of the business district in the 1960s and 70s was controversial. Many of the original buildings, mostly houses, were destroyed. A large part of the population was evicted. An important part of present-day Brussels urban planning activism has its roots in this development. 

More recently, decisions are being made on new private and public investments to revitalize the district: new housing, office buildings.... Efforts are being made to improve public spaces. Compared to the centre of Brussels, this district has a relatively large amount of open green space. The Maximilian Park, the green space located in the center of the district, has become over the past four years an important hub for migrants eager to travel to the UK. 

Close to the streaming location, there is the garden of a private hotel. The land is owned by the city of Brussels. The future of this green space is uncertain. Brussels wants to densify the Northern Quarter and one of the existing scenarios is to do it here. At dawn you can listen to the birds flying in and around the garden. Through the movement of birds in the air and motorbikes and people on the streets and in the houses, the morphology of the neighborhood but also the landscape of this canal area becomes audible: live recording as topographic survey.