UTC +2

civil twilight





Live stream: mobile_ostensjo.ogg

Østensjø nature reserve, Oslo, Norway

Espen Sommer Eide and Signe Lidén

Latitude: ++59° 53' 10.79" N° °
Longitude: ++10° 49' 22.19" E° °

Østensjøvannet is a narrow lake in an urban area of Oslo where over 220 different bird species and 8 different bats have been resistered. 
Østensjøvannet is a lake in the eastern part of Oslo. Despite of its urban surroundings, rare birds regularly show up here, for example Ruddy Shelduck, Black-necked Grebe, Red Phalarope, Great Skua, Eurasian Golden Oriole and many more. At this narrow lake with common reed and deciduous wood along the shores, 220 different bird species and 8 different bats have been resistered. 

The stream is a part of Reality-based Audio Workshop, a meeting of artists from Norway and internationally, attempting to re-think the relationship between sound and reality in our time. The artists all use field recording of audio as the core of their artistic activities, and approach a chosen site with various advanced or experimental recording technologies. The recordings are then improvised and mixed collaboratively into a sound work. Thematic focus has so far been centered around various forms of energy and their land use, both historical and future ones. The project was initiated by BEK, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts in collaboration with Ernst Karel from the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab. 

For the Dawn Chorus Day Gabriele de Seta, Yngvild Færøy, Jiska Huizing, Joakim Blattmann, Signe Lidén and Espen Sommer Eide have chosen locations in various parts of Norway. Ernst Karel will stream from coastal California.