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Live stream: knepp_west_sussex.mp3

Knepp Wildland Project, Dial Post, nr Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 8NN, UK

Alice Eldridge (Sussex Humanities Lab) & Soundcamp

Latitude: +50.972735 °
Longitude: -0.382123°

A stereo stream with one channel from a mature oak canopy and the other from a small brook running through Knepp Wildand Project. 
A former arable farm, the rewilding process at Knepp Estate began in 2000. The Knepp Wildland Project is now world-renowned rewilding success story. At at time of global biodiversity decline for all species, Knepp has become  a breeding hotspot for critically endangered nightingales and turtle doves. Peregrine falcons, ravens, red kites, sparrowhawks, lesser-spotted woodpeckers, lapwings, skylarks, house sparrows and yellowhammers also breed here. Human visitors similarly increased during the pandemic as more and more people felt the value of being immersed in intact ecosystems and became aware of the cultural importance of such sites.

In the air channel listen out for turtle doves, woodpeckers, cuckoos and ducks in the day time, and exquisite nightingale chamber music at night.  Aircraft spotters will be similarly rewarded as the proximity to Gatwick gives great coverage of a wide diversity of planes.

The other ear takes you under water into a little stream where you can variously hear the tinkle of a babbling brook, splashing of birds bathing, pigs drinking, or subtle munching of an, as yet unidentified, freshwater invertebrate. A prize for anyone who can identify these mini nocturnal masticating criters.

This is a long term off grid stream, the ultimate slow radio. At a time of global biodiversity Knepp provides a small ray of hope, creating a stage for the unfettered creative force of nature to rebuild.  

This live stream is a Sussex Humanities Lab - Experimental Ecologies collaboration with Soundcamp

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