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Recording: Dawn Chorus, Lumbisí garden - Paola Moscoso

Lumbisí Valley, Ecuador

Paola Moscoso, Josep Navarro

Latitude: -0.225923°
Longitude: -78.437533°

Peri-urban valley next to Ilaló volcano  
This is a peri-urban area located just 30 minutes from the capital. This is a typical example of an Ecuadorian valley that still presents dispersed remanents of  Highland Andean Forest in between Eucaliptos and other non endemic tree  plantations. 

Within this area there a populated sites which are divided by a "socio-cultural status": the Lumbisí comuna (village mainly of descendents of indigenous or indigineous) where people have their own organization and work as a community. They  have communal and own crops and fruits plantations (mainly of corn, beans, avocado, lemons and others); and there are also in the area dispersed urbanizations (one of those where my house is), where mestizo like me (mixed between white and indigenous) live. My garden, the place where the Reveil streaming is has around 20 trees (and fruiting trees such as avocado, papaya and lemon trees), and also an small piece of land where we are growing vegetables and herbs. 

Not far from here (around 3 km), there is a non active old volcano called Ilaló. It is known that one of the firsts human settlements in Ecuador were allocated in this valley, so it is not rare to find archeological pieces under the soil. 

The soundscape of this area reveals the effects of climate change; there are some new birds species that are appearing with the increment of temperature in the area. One example is the Tropical Mockingbird, which has a very loud repertoire that  highlights from the rest of the animal choir. Most of the existing birds in this area are species adapted to intervened areas (around 30). Some of them live in cities (such as the Rufous-collared Sparrows, Great Thrush and Sparkling Violetear hummingbird). You can also listen to the vocalizations of cicadas and frogs, specially after the rain.