UTC +2

civil twilight





Piotr Madej-Kraków Prądnik Biały

Prądnik Biały estate, Kraków, PL

Latitude: +50.095735°
Longitude: +19.945653°

Biały Prądnik is a '80s housing estate in the north of Kraków, approx. 3 km from the city center.
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Microphones are standing at the windowsill on the third floor.
In the distance of 100 meters, there is a road - daytime usually high traffic. Now, during the coronavirus restrictions, medium (up to low). There is also a bus stop in close range. Beside the cars and buses, there are also motorcycles, and ambulances passing by time to time. Behind the bus stop there is a roundabout nearby, and sometimes about midnight, some jerks spin the wheels around.

On some days at 7AM a garbage truck arrives and empties containers from the dump arbor. Sometimes we can also hear bottles and jars throwing into the glass container.

Housing estate is on the landing line to the Krakow airport - Balice. Usually many planes fly over the buildings, landing. Now I can count up to two by day. Sometimes I can hear the chopper flying closer to the center of the city.

Everyday life goes on a bit slower. There is many of people voices including chit-chatting, children playing or crying, pedestrian footsteps, dogs barking and so on.

In closest range there is some trees and bushes, so many birds is living here. We can hear pigeons, jackdaws, magpies, finches, tits, starlings, swifts, sparrows and also many other birds visiting the place time to time.

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I'm using Raspberry Pi Zero (streambox) with the Zoom H4n attached as an audio interface. Its built-in microphones are covered with Rycote wind screen.