UTC +5:30

civil twilight





Live stream: kolkata_chittaranjan_colony.mp3

Chittaranjan Colony, Kolkata

Sukanta Majumdar

Latitude: +22.486346051543617°
Longitude: +88.37621157056958°

Sounds from the rooftop of a house in south Kolkata residential area.
The mic capsules are attached on both sides of a piece of wood (22x3x2 cm) and it is sitting under a corrugated tin shed on the roof of the flat I live in.
This mic’s hearing is two-fold. It hears the atmosphere naturally and it also hears sounds transmitted through the tin shed because it sits really close to it. When the birds sit and walk on the shed you listen to their footsteps along with their chirping. When it rains, you almost feel the vibration of the shed as the water pours down on it. When a dry leaf falls on it you hear its every small movement with the wind. 
Crows are the most commonly heard birds in the stream. But you also hear Indian cuckoo, Indian myna, Sparrows, Kites, the Kingfisher, Black-hooded oriole, Parrots, Spotted doves and other birds in the daytime. At night you can hear owls and street dogs.
Night time listening lets you hear the acoustic space of the location quite vividly. Occasional loud motorbikes, train horns, dog barking from different directions and drunken people’s loud conversations reverberate through the alleys and concrete walls and create an acoustic space, which is very different from the daytime acoustic space. 
Non-human sounds are more prominent now because of the current situation. Otherwise this stream is mostly filled with all sorts of human activities including lots of talking except for few hours in the night.