Victoria, BC, Canada
UTC -7

civil twilight





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South Saanich, Victoria

Tina Pearson

Latitude: +48.474534°
Longitude: -123.328108°

Twilight to Dawn May 2, 2020, from 2nd floor balcony off quiet suburban street, Lekwungen territory, Salish Sea. 
Tina Pearson
Location is on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada, within the Salish Sea of the Pacific Ocean. 
The seashore is about 2.5 kms due east, 3.5 kms due north and 6 kms southeast of the stream location. 
The prevailing winds are from the southwest, and move over the Olympic Mountains in Washington State USA before crossing the Juan de Fuca Strait and moving over Greater Victoria. The Southern tip and eastern shoreline of the Island is protected from the direct impact of the open Ocean. The winds can be suddenly strong, creating periodic power outages as they knock over trees. 
The trees in the yards of the houses are the native Gary Oak, cedar and spruce, with some imported smaller cedar hedging, maple, elder, sumac and other species. 
A large murder of crows nest near here, and fly southeast toward their usual daily grounds on the south-facing ocean shore. Seagulls are periodic visitors, but have been infrequent the past two years. Robins, hummingbirds, chickadees, wrens, are common. Hummingbirds stay year round, and come very close to us, so their sound is a familiar one in the garden and yard. The sound of bees and wasps is also familiar in spring and summer.
Since the slow down of activity with the coronavirus lockdown, there is moderately less traffic, but more yard sounds, like mowers, skill saws, leaf blowers, car vacuums, chain saws. 
Since moving here about fifteen years ago, there has been a gradual decrease in observation of all birds in the area, and of butterflies.