Royal Leamington Spa
UTC +1

civil twilight





Live stream: mobile_ecopoetics.ogg

Leamington Spa, West Midlands, UK

Jonathan Skinner

Latitude: +52.2855°
Longitude: -1.52756°

A mobile, intermittent listening stream, based in the English Midlands. Run by poet, professor and field recordist 
Jonathan Skinner. You 
can find selected field recordings on the ecopoetics SoundCloud page.  
"Music is continuous, only listening is intermittent." -- H.D. Thoreau 

Notes for REVEIL 2020: streaming from the horizontal limb of an oak tree overhanging the River Leam, along a semi-wild stretch known as the Leam Valley Nature Preserve, just opposite a flood meadow, in the town of Royal Leamington Spa in the English Midlands. You may hear song or mistle thrushes, wrens, blackbirds, robins, garden warblers, tits, goldfinches, chiffchaffs, chaffinches, coots, ducks, geese, wood pigeons, humans, less traffic than usual. 

Most of the audio on this stream is from Leamington Spa: either from the sounds out a window onto my back terrace, between neighbors' gardens on either side that attract lots of birds, or from the banks of the nearby Leam River, or occasionally from anywhere in the Midlands between Coventry and Birmingham, and sometimes from London. I do travel a fair amount and sometimes turn on the stream from far flung locations. 

You can find selected field recordings on the ecopoetics SoundCloud page.

Essay, "Stirrup Notes: Fragments on Listening," with associated recordings, in Writing the Field Recording (eds Stephen Benson and Will Montgomery). See the Resources tab for further recordings. 

Further publication info on my faculty page at the University of Warwick.