Troy, NY
UTC -4

civil twilight





Live stream: mobile_north_portland.ogg

Recording: Nightly bugle and vehicles in downtown Troy - Lisa Schonberg

Downtown Troy, NY

Lisa Schonberg

Latitude: +42.7271506°
Longitude: -73.6945195°

Lisa Schonberg is a composer, percussionist and environmental sound artist. She recently moved to Troy, NY to begin the PhD program in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her main listening place has been from her porch in downtown Troy. She will stream from that location for Reveil. 
Lisa Schonberg is a composer, percussionist, and environmental sound artist with a background in entomology and ecology. She documents soundscapes, insects, and habitat through music composition, spatialized sound work, and multimedia collaboration. She strives to draw attention to issues non-human relations through a merging of artistic and scientific practices, often in collaboration with ecologists. Lisa recently returned from a third year of field work with ATTA (Amplifying the Tropical Ants), a project in collaboration with Brazilian entomologists investigating ant bioacoustics in the Amazon. Lisa is interested in the ecological and cultural relevance of hidden sounds and how they can impact our perception of non-human species and our decision-making processes. Other recent work include investigations of old-growth forests in Oregon and native Hawaiian bees. Her compositions are performed by her ensembles Secret Drum Band and UAU. Lisa is pursuing her PhD in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.