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Park Lužánky, Brno, Czech Republic

Tomáš Šenkyřík

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Park Lužánky, Brno, Czech Republic. Live streaming 24/7 from the largest and the oldest park in Brno
Last year I had the opportunity to record dawn chorus in Lužánky Park. It was part of the Ponava Fest festival. During the recording and soundwalking in this park, I noticed that this place sounds very nice. The birdsongs was very gently intertwined with the oscillation of the city. The sounds of trams and cars with increasing hours entered the washing songs more significantly.

When Udo Noll was looking for a place for his project it occurred to me that Lužánky was a great place. I am very glad that Vít Kalvoda from Cafe Ponava also joined the project immediately. 

Since March of this year, we have been broadcasting from Lužánecký Park continuously. 

Lužánky is Brno’s largest park – and its oldest, too

Lužánky Park was established in 1786 as one of the first public parks in Central Europe. In the middle of the park, you can visit the Renaissance Revival pavilion from 1855 by Viennese architect Ludwig Förster, which has held balls, concerts, celebrations, and various expositions over the years. Today, the building goes by the name Kasino and serves mainly as a leisure-time centre for children.

The park as we know it was created in 1840 by city gardener Antonín Šebánek. In addition to the park’s precious trees, visitors may enjoy watching colourful fish in the stream and cute piglets – a favourite attraction for the park’s youngest visitors. There’s also a playground for children to enjoy and get some energy out.