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Live stream: tump53chorus_thamesmead_inspiral_london.mp3

TUMP 53, Water Lily Walk, Thamesmead, London SE28

J D Swann, InspiralSE2 (Calum F Kerr & Miyuki Kasahara)

Latitude: +51.503707°
Longitude: +0.1102491°

TUMP 53 CHORUS - Saturday 1 May 2021 - Live 4.53am - 7.23am
Live stream of the Dawn Chorus from within TUMP 53 Nature Reserve for Soundcamp’s Reveil 8: Off Grid. With J D Swann (Ornithological Investigator), Calum F Kerr & Miyuki Kasahara (Inspiral SE2), Jack Gower (Peabody, Making Space for Nature).

Listen to the Dawn Chorus at TUMP 53 Nature Reserve in Thamesmead using the player on this Soundcamp page.

Or the TUMP 53 live stream from 4.53am 
1 May 

We are also live Saturday (1 May) evening 7.30pm-9pm on the move around Southmere Lake and the waterways of Thamesmead for InspiralLondon's Hydracity streamings both here and on -

Find all the streams - tump53chorus_thamesmead_inspiral_london 

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Live Soundcamp at TUMP 53, a nature reserve in the Moorings Neighbourhood of Thamesmead, South East London. It is managed by Peabody, connecting children, young people and the wider community with nature and the environment. With a meadow, open water, a moat surrounded by reedbeds and mixed woodland it has many delights including carp; fox; heron; kingfisher; robin; sparrowhawk and willow warbler. It is one of several TUMP’s in the immediate area that were originally Magazine storage facilities built to store artillery, ammunition and explosives. TUMP 53 was during its active days called Magazine No 14, Traffic Number F53 and was used by the Army Ordnance Service for the storage of Cordite (propellant). Just after WW1 there were over 40,00 tonnes of explosives stored in the Thamesmead/Plumstead area, it took until 1962 for it to be removed, just six years before the first Thamesmead housing development was completed.

Part of InspiralLondon streamings: walking, exploring and bivouacing across a variety of urban, suburban and semi-urban sites to listen in - to a revolution of watery commons - dawn to dusk, back to dawn. Inspiralers collaborate on this collective listening and on the ground mapping, this collective stream will also be live for Reveil 8 between 7.30pm - 9pm on 1 May.

J D Swann is an ornithological investigator currently based in Thamesmead. InspiralSE2 (Calum F Kerr / Miyuki Kasahara): Mobile Broadcasts of nature started during lockdown 2020 to record urban foxes and dawn/dusk bird song, beginning on Saturday 2 May 2020 for Soundcamp and broadcasting at various dates thereafter. Jack Gower is Landscape Activation Manager at Peabody and organises the Thamesmead: Making Space for Nature programme.

Supported by Peabody, InspiralLondon and Soundcamp