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Decrypting Kagarro Birds - Smirna Kulenović

Nature Reserve of Morro Alto - Flores Island, Azores

Smirna Kulenović

Latitude: +39.441437°
Longitude: -31.247579°

Smirna Kulenović is a multimedia artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 
currently based in Austria as a part of Interface Cultures (Media Art) Department of the Linz Art Academy.

Due to coronavirus spread, I am now stuck in quarantine on an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean - Flores, Azores. There are no more flights coming in or out. I can't leave.

This is the westernmost point of Europe. 

Sounds of isolation here cover an area greater than a room, an area of an entire remote and wild island with hundreds of animal and plant species, and hundreds of people already used to living in a form of quarantine. 

During the sunrise on May 2nd, I will live stream sounds from a forest in a part of the UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserve - Morro Alto.

The Biosphere Reserve covers the total terrestrial area of Flores Island as well as the oceanic area reaching a distance of 3 miles from the coast. The Island is the surface part of a seamount located near the Mid Atlantic Rift, originated from the volcanic activity which started 10 Million years ago.

Flores Island has the highest number of endemic species per unit area of the entire Azores archipelago.

Since the beginning of this island-large-quarantine, I have also been keeping a diary of personal field recordings; sharing them weekly through my Pirate Radio Podcast.