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Pigneys Wood

Recast Music Education:HomeSounds

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This microphone has been installed as part of HomeSounds:NSF, a partnership project between Recast Music Education and Norwich Science Festival.
The HomeSounds:NSF project invites young people aged 11-14 and living in Norfolk to become sound explorers, acoustic ecologists and deep listeners. By visiting selected sites across Norfolk participants will tune into the sounds of their local environment using specialist listening equipment (including their ears!) and learn about the fascinating world of acoustic ecology. They will then install a live-streaming microphone at the location they have visited.

Each live-streaming microphone will share the live sounds of their location to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 1 year for participants, and the public, to tune into. Participants will be encouraged to use these sounds, and their experiences in capturing them, for creative, educational and therapeutic purposes.

Participants will be invited to take part in Norwich Science Festival in October 2019 to share their experiences, demonstrate the live-streaming microphones and encourage others to tune in to the sounds of the world around them.​

The project particularly reaches out to young people who have not experienced the festival before or who might find accessing the festival difficult because of their location or circumstances.

The project is made possible by the support of the British Science Assoication and United Kingdom Research and Innovation.


Pigneys Wood is a 58 acre site near North Walsham in Norfolk that is managed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

The land at Pigneys Wood was purchased in 1993 by the North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust (NNCWT, a community based conservation charity) and it has been managed by them for the past 24 years. NNCWT successfully reverted the site from arable land to woodland by planting over 20,000 trees of 40 different species during this time as well as restoring important wetland areas and improving the access and interpretation of the site for local people by providing guided trails.

Pigneys Wood provides an important wildlife refuge for many birds such as the goldcrest, nuthatch, Cetti’s Warbler; insects such as red admiral, peacock and holly blue butterflies; dragonflies such as the emperor, migrant hawker, blacktailed skimmer and Norfolk hawker, and mammals such as otter, water vole and badger. Occasionally rarer visitors have been recorded such as a Camberwell beauty butterfly in November 2011 and a bittern in March 2013.

The site has a number of special wildlife features including an impressive 450-year-old ancient oak tree ‘the Old Oak’ which is next to a small woodland area which boasts a carpet of bluebells in spring.


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