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Live stream: mobile_oscillithic_stone_of_the_seven_suns.ogg

Recording: Oscillithic Dawn at The Stone Of The Seven Suns - Anne Marie Deacy & Rachel Doolin

The Stone Of The Seven Suns, Kerbstone 51, Dowth, Co. Meath, Ireland.

Oscillithic: A collaboration between artists Anne Marie Deacy & Rachel Doolin.

Latitude: +53.703965810009°
Longitude: -6.450073154130822°

As part of Reveil 10, the 24hr global collective broadcast, tuning in to the world at dawn,
Anne Marie Deacy and Rachel Doolin will be streaming from The Stone Of The Seven Suns, kerbstone 51, a megalithic passage mound at Dowth in the Boyne Valley, Ireland. 

For this sonic excavation and interaction, this listening in onsite elaborates on their research which explores the vibrational energies of lithic remnants, in an attempt to mine meaning and insight from the hidden vernacular of these megalithic sites.

Recordings made will be incorporated into the group show
Curated by Belinda Quirke  
6th May - 17th June.
Solstice Art Centre,
Co. Meath.

With thanks to Belinda Quirke for her continued help & support.

Oscillithic is the beginning of a cross-disciplinary creative research journey between collaborating artists Rachel Doolin and
Anne Marie Deacy in partnership with Solstice Arts Centre and the Artists Laboratory Program at Devenish Lands at Dowth. 

Devenish Lands at Dowth is an Internationally recognised research farm situated within the Bru na Boinne UNESCO world heritage site.
In 2018, excavation work at Dowth Hall unearthed the remains of a neolithic passage tomb.
This discovery is considered to be one of the most significant finds in Ireland’s archaeological heritage and offers a symbolic link that connects Devenish's current research into sustainable agriculture and the holistic agricultural practices of our ancestors. 
The sí, in the modern Irish language, refers to megalithic mounds and the spirits believed to be connected to these ancient burial sites.

For this years sounding of dawn the artists will be sending a live stream from The Stone Of The Seven Suns, Kerb 51. Through sound and sounding they will explore the embedded sonic memories of this site, set secluded in a megalithic passage tomb in Dowth, Co. Meath.

Artists Rachel Doolin and Anne Marie Deacy share an interest in exploring the elemental remnants of our past. Their research is imbued with a poetic provocation that lends itself to a mindful exploration of passed rituals, rites and ceremonies, interrogating this intersection where science meets myth and art in a contemporary context.

Oscillithic is a neologism coined by the artists employed to excavate (through conventional and alternate means) the vibrational energies of lithic remnants, in an attempt to mine meaning and insight from the hidden vernacular of the site.

Contact: oscillithic@gmail.com
Artists: https://www.racheldoolin.com & https://www.annemariedeacy.com

Photo Credit: "Seven Suns Stone"https://skfb.ly/oqEEM by rmark.
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution