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Live stream: jer_old_city_jeruselam.ogg

Old city Jerusalem

Eyal Cohen

Latitude: +31.782398210142198°
Longitude: +35.22781903198232°

Welcome to this live stream of the sunrise in the Old City of Jerusalem. As the first rays of sunlight begin to illuminate this ancient city, we'll be capturing the unique soundscape that emerges with the dawn. You'll hear the city slowly coming to life as vendors set up their stalls, locals make their way to work or prayer.
Good morning, and welcome to this sunrise field recording live stream from the Old City of Jerusalem. As the sun begins to rise over this historic location, we will be capturing the sounds of the city as it awakens. One of the most notable sounds you will hear is the Islamic call to prayer, a melody that echoes through out the city. This is a reminder to Muslims to come together for prayer and reflect on their faith. You may also hear the sounds of vendors setting up their stalls in the markets,and the footsteps of people as they begin their day.  As we listen to these sounds, let us take. The Old City of Jerusalem is home to different religious, and has been a center of trade and commerce for thousands of years. It is a city that has seen its share of conflict and hardship, but has also been a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless people around the world.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of the Old City waking up. Let them transport you to this fascinating and beautiful location, and allow you to experience a small slice of life in this historic place."