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Confluence of Rivers Avon and Leam, Warwick, Warwickshire, England

Jonathan Skinner

Latitude: +52.2882910726888°
Longitude: -1.5593982635637094°

**CANCELED** A stream from the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Leam, at the boundary between Leamington Spa and Warwick, in Warwickshire, West Midlands. **DUE TO A DAMAGED SERVER SYSTEM THIS STREAM WILL NOT BE RUNNING** 
**STREAM CANCELED** The spot is a block from my house, in an open space behind some residences. The busy road I live on, connecting Leamington Spa and Warwick, crosses the Avon just upstream, over the Portobello Bridge. Immediately downstream, the Grand Union Canal crosses the Avon via a high aqueduct. A sheep pasture on the opposite bank of the Leam slopes up to the height of the canal---a patch of pastoral surrounded by urban development on either side. The far eastern end of the pasture is bounded by the Chiltern Main Line (the old Birmingham and Oxford Junction Railway). A canal overflow stream flows into the Avon on the opposite bank, where a Great blue heron regularly occupies a fishing platform, stalking fish. The usual characters sing and call from the trees: wren, great tit, coal tit, greenfinch, robin, chiffchaff, dove and pigeon, magpie, blackbird, crow, jackdaw, blue tit, along with passersby such as Canada geese, mallards or the odd kingfisher. And my own sounds, though I will do my best to keep quiet: a binaural stream (for best effect listen with headphones), picking up with Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset, casting from an iPhone SE. Additionally you may hear cars, the occasional train, and bleating sheep. **DUE TO A DAMAGED SERVER SYSTEM THIS STREAM WILL NOT BE RUNNING**