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Live stream: Thuringian_Forest_Ilmenau

Thuringian Forest / Ilmenau / Germany

Nele Möller

Latitude: +50.692486844271585°
Longitude: +10.878380435396906°

A bark beetle-infested site in the Thuringian Forest, which will soon be clear-cut in an attempt to stop the spread of the beetle. We will hear wind in the spruce trees, birds, insects (beetles eating through the bark of the trees?), maybe some animals in the brushwood and hopefully not: some far aways street sounds.
Due to climate collapse, the Thuringian Forest in Germnay is changing/disappearing at a rapid speed. Theoretically, it is an ancient grown forest, but in the last two centuries, since the beginning of industralisation,  it changed to a monoculture of spruce trees which now has a tough time battling the dry and hot climate. The resilience of the trees is thus very low, and a huge bark beetle infestation accelerates the dying of the forest even more. To prevent the spread of the bark beetle, the "forest management" answers with extensive clear-cuts to remove the "infected" trees. They don't give the forest any time to regulate itself. 

The microphone my ear
I record
I don't record
Waiting for attunement
My body                          a resonant object
Rising disconncetedness 
How to reach towards understanding?

The site is part of the ongoing research project "The Forest Echoes Back - Receiving and Transmitting Forest Conversations Through an Ecology of Listening", that explores the role of an artist as an intermediary between different fields of knowledge to develop a practice of care for an environment in times of climate collapse. In the project foresters, forestry scientists, activists, hunters, herbalists and other community members around the forest and the forest itself are active research partners and form an interrelated communication network with wide ranging perspectives on the forest's ecology. 

The research is situated at LUCA School of Arts Brussels and the University of Leuven and embedded in the research cluster Deep Histories Fragile Memories