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Live stream: mobile_les_minieres

Les Minieres, Normandie, France

Les Minieres Collective and Friends

Latitude: +48.63934633374106°
Longitude: -0.512285910854029°

Les Minières collective (Armelle, Cyril, Emilie, Manon, Marvio and Thibaut) invited Lucinda Guy and Alice Armstrong from Soundart Radio (UK), and Robert Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma, artists and editors of Fucking Good Art (NL), to join Dawn Chorus and set up an informal sound camp experience. This will take place in one of the half-open barns of Les Minières with a view over the organic vegetable plots and the surrounding forest. It will give shelter from rain and wind and is perfect for various activities. Here we will hang-out during the Dawn Chorus and listen while at the same time broadcasting our own livestream, recorded with a microphone high in the dovecote tower. 
We will be broadcasting from Les Minières, an old farmhouse in Normandy. The place is surrounded  by the Andaine forest and fields, and close by the Ferrière-aux-Étangs mines, a former open-air mining area where iron ore was extracted until the middle of the 19th century. The farm with 9,5 hectares of land has been transformed over the past 3 years into a lively place where organic vegetables are grown and sold, and where regenerative Agriculture and (performing) Art meet. Throughout the year the possibilities of cross-pollination are explored during various residencies and workshops.

The beautiful edible gardens of Les Minières host around fifty varieties of vegetables and fruits: eight market gardens cultivated on mounds and separated by fruit hedges, two greenhouses, five field gardens (potatoes, squash, leeks, sunflowers, green manure) , a basin collecting rainwater for irrigation while promoting biodiversity, an educational mandala hosting aromatic plants and perpetual vegetables, a meadow, the children's garden, beehives, sheep, cabins, as well as the premise of several experimental areas of edible forest in syntropy.

During the weekend of 4 and 5 May we will organise screenings focused on self organisation, have talks and walks in Forêt domaniale des Andaines, work in the garden together, cook food over an open fire and make jam from dandelions.

What sounds could you expect to hear?
The sound landscape will consists of the rustling of the trees, bird sounds like treecreeper, common buzzard and woodpecker, cooing pigeons, snorting horses, and coughing cows, sound of rain, owls, human breath and earthworms...