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Live stream: brussels_levelfive.mp3

Level Five

Melissa Ryke

Latitude: +50.873527231220564°
Longitude: +4.3119864755200155°

Sounds from Level Five
This sound camp is organised by artist Melissa Ryke. This programme will coincide with Level Five's open studio day and so will connect with local and international ears. 

On Saturday 4th of May, 10am-midday
There will be some live streaming of pre-made sound work by Level Five artists. We will stream from the rooftop of the Level Five Van Overbeke space in Ganshoren, Brussels, where you are welcome to come visit. A livestream of Reveil will also be played in the corridors of Level Five VO during the open studio day from 11am - 7pm. 

On Sunday 5th of May, 5:20am-7am
Melissa will do a guided sound walk in silence and livestream the dawn chorus. The 20minute~ walk will start from Level Five VO and finish at Zavelenberg, one of the last remaining prairies in the Brussels region. On arrival, multidisciplinary artist Deborah Ruffato will perform a 30minute~ deep listening session, expect to dive in night/day liminality with soft spells to ward off the darkness. 

Level Five is an artist cooperative in Brussels that supports artists by providing artist studios, artistic development programmes and advocacy for artists in Brussels. Since 2019 we provide accessible and qualitative artist studios for artists in Brussels through a practice of collective organisation and a culture of mutual support. Currently, 112 artist members work at 3 locations (Gabrielle Petit, Van Overbeke and Van Volxem), in 3 Brussels municipalities (Molenbeek, Ganshoren, Vorst/Forest). In addition we provide facilities and programmes to support creative practices such as visual arts, performative arts, theatre, architecture, film, writing and curating.

[image from the prairie Zavelenberg]